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    subdomain parking


    problem is new domain has been parked on main domain but not on subdomains

    what can i do ?

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    Your not giving us enough info. Who do you use, how did you set it up? What exactly is the issue you are experiencing?

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    I have manager for my server.they said:

    We cannot set the links also in the same name of park domains as the URLs are already set in the code. We can make changes by using rewrite rule. Please ask your coder to set a rewrite rules as per your need, also please let us know the exact link where we can get the forum link. We could not get that due to the language issues.

    bc I can`t contact my site developer at now...I created this topic
    for getting any informations to solve this problem.

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    You must always in contact with your developer 'coz he can solve that issue.

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