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    CentOS Website Revision

    Has anybody seen the new website revision on the devel mailing list?

    It's so far looking like its going to be pretty terrible, and they have no idea what they're planning on doing with the search engine. Anybody want to get together and donate some time to CentOS with me for a website overhaul?

    I would hate to see a 2011 distro rocking a 2001 website. It almost looks like they're using tables..

    We could easily put something together ourselves and submit it, and since its open source it would be more or less voted on on the mailing list by the people in real time. KB would have to allow it if its better and we donate our time to it.

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    Got a link or screenshot?

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    I want to see this..
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    Considering it's been about 2 weeks since they had a meeting to even discuss a new revision, I'd think it's just a rough draft. Anyone familiar with web dev knows that there's a few rough drafts before a final product.
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