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    Beware,gspay maybe dont pay out

    I dont know if it's only me or some of us or everyone .

    gspay stop payout .

    and they dont return my holdbacks (some of holdbacks more than 8 months) . they say it's a MC issue .

    Beware , it may happend to you.

    here is a notice :

    Since recent we are facing a situation where major payment systems like Visa and MasterCard have increased

    its monitoring efforts towards protection of the trade mark owners rights, and against merchants selling

    the counterfeit analogues. In practice this may lead to lawsuit cases against these merchants when its

    being proved that the merchant is invlolved in selling the counterfeit indeed. GSPAY as a Payment Service

    Parovider may be requested freezing merchant's funds and stop offering services to the merchant. According

    to our Terms and Conditions (Chapter 6. point d.) Merchant runs a sole responsibility for the commercial

    activity he/she is running thus is a subject to all possible penalties and consequenses. Feel free to

    contact our company lawyer by ticket if merchant have any question related to such lawsuit issue.


    they just tell you the lawsuit issue . and take your money away .

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    What, that really scares me. Cause I got holdbacks there honestly. O_O When did this happen today? or Recently?
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    I don't have any experience with them, but I have seen lots of complaints about gspay that they are not paying and sometimes they never reply for support tickets.

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    they dont return holdbacks ,a lot of people scamed by them , someone said , we need ask our buyers chargeback .

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    we have not receive any holdback payout, neither.

    Big money in the holdback. what can we do?



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