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    ThePrimeHost update


    Going to give an update for the hard work ThePrimeHost has done.

    Support: 5/5
    Server: 4/5
    Efforts: 5/5

    Ive personally had too many issues however most of their users never have problems. The issues that ThePrimeHost does get they fix pretty quickly. Their support is AMAZING.

    If you want somoene reliable I would recommend them. I will admit that I first hand am picky when it comes to my business and I act quickly so my customers don't suffer. Im one of those clients who expect the best or you wont make me happy. I care a lot about my business so that is why im so strict.

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    Nice to hear your good review here. Now please send your domain name hosted with them for verification.
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    A few days ago you were posting a positive review about EZPZ too.

    Did you move to ThePrimeHost from EZPZ or are you having multiple reseller accounts?
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