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    Post Seeking P/T - F/T work. Freelance & Short-term WELCOMED!


    my name is Tiffany. I'm 20 years of age. I'm located in USA, Brooklyn, NY. I am taken; boyfriend. No kids. Roommate, on my own. So I'm pretty open schedule. Well, right now I'm currently looking to work for a hosting company. So let's get started..

    Current skill: (2002- current)
    Paint Shop Pro X
    HTML/CSS - I do validate [no pro]
    PHP Knowledgeable.
    Blogging Platform Savvy, Cutenews & Wordpress.
    XMB Knowledgeable.

    Knowledgeable in:
    BBPress, most of message board platforms.

    I am a Team Leader & normally, run my own projects. In the past I've ran a message board, personal site, design site, portfolio site, listing site, plug board, and a hosting company.

    Pay & Flexibility:
    I can negotiate this with you. Depending on you needs. I tend to compile. And will let you know if I just can't. 100 weekly, or 150 bi weekly. 20 - 40 + HRs.

    My Hours:
    I am able to work for 5 hours per day 7 days a week. I am up for on call.

    Work Environment:
    I can work from my home. I am also available via phone, email and instant messaging services if needed.

    I hope, this information provided it helpful. If not, then feel free to ask. You may post or PM. But I much rather you drop me a line. At miss.ami[at]mail[dot]com
    Feel free to ask for any current work.

    Thank you for you time!

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    Wow, I forgot to mention the work I am looking for.

    Live Chat Support.
    Live Chat Pre/Sales
    Tutorial Writer for a Hosting Site.

    And if you believe you can use my for anything else. Go ahead and ask.

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    Hello there, Intelliserve(.)org has recently re-formed and needs voluntary technical support agents and I'm also interested in making someone a partner.

    These roles are on a voluntary basis at the moment, however paid positions will be made available to all once we begin our profit calculations.

    Partners will have the ability to make 40% commission on all sales, but will need to prove value as a member of the team.

    If you're interested in either of these opportunities, send me an email at: mail(@)intelliServe(.)org

    Jay - intelliServe(.)org

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