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۞۞۞ About Dynaceron ۞۞۞

Care about your hosting? So do we.

Dynaceron are made up of a team of dedicated professionals - all of them experts at providing outstanding web hosting and fantastic support. We pack our plans full of features designed to offer you the very best hosting experience. Need choice? We offer a huge range of options and configurations, allowing you to take complete control of your server. Here at Dynaceron we work around the clock to ensure absolute reliability and 24/7 support. Our top-of-the-range hardware servers are located in Avaya Tenovis, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, benefiting from over 75Gbits of premium bandwidth.

Host with Dynaceron safe in the knowledge that you're receiving the very best the web hosting industry has to offer.

Partnerships with: cPanel, Parallels, DirectAdmin - offering advanced control panel product licenses at cost price!
Proud to be a Microsoft SPLA partner - providing a wide range of Microsoft products!

Included Services
*24/7 monitoring with all our hosting solutions
*Quick support ticket response times
*Exploit detection and protection.
*Uptime guarantee %99.9
*Top Quality bandwidth
*Easy migration
*Reverse DNS on request.
*Enterprise Quad Core servers.
*Free Setup
*Instant Setup
*Cloudlinux Operating System
*Litespeed Web Server
*cPanel Easy-To-Use Control Panel
*Scriptaculous Script Installer
*Shared SSL
*POP3/IMAP Support
*Anti-Virus Scanning
*ASSP Spam Filtering
*PHP 5 w/Zend
*Ruby on Rails + GEMS
*FFMpeg & FFMpeg-PHP
*Mplayer & MEncoder
*MySQL 5 & PostgreSQL
*cURL Library
*GD Graphics Library
*ImageMagick & NetBPM
*Server Side Includes (SSI)
*Python Support
*100% Satisfaction Guarantee
*99.9% Uptime Guarantee
*No Hidden fees!
*Free instant setup!

۞۞۞ SPECIAL FEATURES Included FREE with All Dynaceron Hosting Packages ۞۞۞
  • **24/7 MONITORING** Monitoring by our in-house system, DynaMon
  • **Exploit DETECTION and PROTECTION**
  • **FREE Reverse DNS**
Additional Advanced Monitoring solutions available - email us NOW at [email protected]

۞۞۞ The Dynaceron Difference... ۞۞۞

No need to take our word for it.

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۞۞۞ April Specials ۞۞۞

۞۞۞ Skyline ۞۞۞
Enterprise Grade Servers
1 GB RAID 10 Space
10 GB Premium German Bandwidth
Addon Domains:0
Dedicated IP: 2EUR/month
MySQL Databases:2
PostgreSQL Databases:2
Email Accounts:5
E-Mail Forwarders:5
Mailing Lists:0
45 EUR/year
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۞۞۞ Ultimar ۞۞۞
Enterprise Grade Servers
5 GB RAID 10 Space
250 GB Premium German Bandwidth
Addon Domains:2
Dedicated IP: 2EUR/month
MySQL Databases:5
PostgreSQL Databases:5
Email Accounts:10
E-Mail Forwarders:10
Mailing Lists:2
Free Domain on yearly payment
8.00 EUR/month

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۞۞۞ Palia ۞۞۞
Enterprise Grade Servers
10 GB RAID 10 Space
100Mbps Port
500 GB Premium German Bandwidth
Addon Domains:5
Dedicated IP: 2EUR/month
MySQL Databases:10
PostgreSQL Databases:10
Email Accounts:25
E-Mail Forwarders:25
Mailing Lists:5
Free Domain on yearly payment
10.00 EUR/month
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۞۞۞ Fierca ۞۞۞
Enterprise Grade Servers
20 GB RAID 10 Space
750 GB German Bandwidth
Addon Domains:10
Dedicated IP: 2EUR/month
MySQL Databases:20
PostgreSQL Databases:20
Email Accounts:50
E-Mail Forwarders:50
Mailing Lists:10
Free Domain on yearly payment
12.00 EUR/month
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۞۞۞ Odria ۞۞۞
Enterprise Grade Servers
50 GB RAID 10 Space
1500 GB Premium German Bandwidth
Addon Domains:Unlimited
Dedicated IP: 1 Free
MySQL Databases:Unlimited
PostgreSQL Databases:Unlimited
Email Accounts:Unlimited
E-Mail Forwarders:Unlimited
Mailing Lists:Unlimited
Free Domain on yearly payment
18.00 EUR/month
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Also offering custom shared hosting solutions - email us NOW at [email protected]

OOO The Dynaceron Network OOO

Datacenter: Frankfurt, Germany - Avaya Tenovis Databurg - Netdirekt/Leaseweb

Multi-homed BGP4 Routed 72GBps Network;
De-Cix (2x10GBit)
Global Crossing (2x10GBit)
DTAG (10GBit)
Level3 (10GBit)
AMS-IX (10GBit)
LINX (1GBit)
Kleyrex (1Gbit)

OOO 7 Day Money Back Guarantee OOO

Buy with Dynaceron. Buy with confidence. We offer all new clients a 7 Day Money Back Guarantee! Here at Dynaceron we're always working hard to ensure our customers are delighted with their Dynaceron service. We're proud to offer our clients an amazingly reliable service and outstanding support. If you experience hardware or network difficulties or our support team cannot solve your problem effectively, and it's our fault, we'll give you a full refund within your first 7 Days of service. Our 7 Day Money Back Guarantee = absolute peace of mind.

۞۞۞ Questions? ۞۞۞

Feel free to get in touch with our sales team of server professionals: [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!