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    Help Needed ASAP!

    Anyone who is good in fixing vps windows problems please contact me asap! It's been over 14 hrs and I have received no useful help at all from my VPS service provider. I rebooted 8-9 times, shut it down and rebooted 5-6 times, booted in general 5 times. Nothing seems to work at all, cannot connect to the server from remote desktop. The technician suggested to reinstall operating system, which I did about 3 times. Nothing Works At All! contact me please on messenger [email protected]

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    is the rdp port different from 3389. IS any firewall setting for controlled access is there. is offline management on, is the server ip properly routed to vps.

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    Make sure that the hosts firewall has not blocked you from their system, if you are on a Dynamic IP ( then just reboot your router and you should get a new IP. This will eliminate this issue. This looks like it is coming from the hosts end, so I would push support with them. - We price match any UK Based Hosting Business!
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    Why don't you ask your host to backup your useful data and get a fresh re-installation in your VPS? Well, if that doesn't work after reinstall and turning off the firewall, it is obviously the problem of the host and you need to push them. You can't do anything yourself.

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