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    Question Some one explain this to me please

    When you get a merchant account are you able to accept credit card right on your website or when some one buys some thing it take them to the merchant company site to enter CC number and such?

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    Think of it this way...

    Merchant Account = Merchant + Account

    Basically its an account for merchants. That's about all. You can't do anything with it except be a merchant. You still have to apply for the facilities to accept credit cards and etc before you could do so.
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    To accept credit card payment via a website, you need all of the following independent entities that all work together to form a common solution:
    1.) an INTERNET merchant account (as opposed to a RETAIL merchant account
    2.) a gateway. The website equivalent of a retail store credit card machine.
    3.) a Shopping Cart
    4.) an SSL certificate

    Again, all the above are separate entities that independently accomplish nothing, but when working together provide the ability to accept payment via a website. You can purchase bundled packages that contain all the above in one neat package, but this is a big mistake cost-wise since this traps you with specific proprieatary solutions which robs you o all competitive pricing leverage

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