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    * ARG hosting

    Hey all

    We're about to set up an Alternative Reality Game (ARG) and would like some advice.

    1. The site has the possibility that it will get a lot of traffic - normally not something web hosting packages like..

    2. The site is only going to be in active use for ~1 month, maybe two.

    3. It's only going to have a quite minimal website on it.

    4. For game purposes, the less information the WHOIS shows, the better (this is going into domains now, hopefully not *too* off-topic for this category!).

    5. Similar to above, hosting needs to show as little info as possible.

    (4 and 5 are because if someone manages to track down any of our names --> email addresses, we get spammed to hell and it will ruin my life for a while)

    Any more info I'll try to give as much as possible.

    Basically, does anyone have any recommendations?


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    1) Tell me when you open it or something, I love ARGs in both playing and setup, fun as hell

    2) Use EC2 or some other form of hourly cloud service. Scale up hard when traffic starts going up. Scale down when you just need a site to be available. EC2 provides no reassignment information, generic reverse DNS, and issues you a dynamic IP that changes every reboot

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    2. Ooooh, I love that idea! Perfect scalability

    1. I will indeed. Watch this space.

    [The name used on this account, is false. The email address, a dead drop which has no ties to who I really am. Just so you know! ]

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    quantumphysics --

    What type of ARGs are you into? Did you take part in the Portal 2 one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevnport View Post
    quantumphysics --

    What type of ARGs are you into? Did you take part in the Portal 2 one?
    I like ones with crypto too, and yeah, got four of those potato thingies.

    Additionally, it was amusing in general watching kids get pissed that they bought indie games to get the game released 5 minutes earlier

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