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    S> XHTML / CSS Services


    Please note that the website is currently not fully developed. If you request to see more portfolio websites, contact me.

    The pricing of the conversion will depend on the complexity of the .PSD design. Turnaround time: Mostly within 24 hours!!! Actually, let us make that 12 hours!

    For more information, please private message me or contact me from one of the following:

    AIM - azngu12l
    MSN - freelancingclub at hotmail dot com
    Email - freelancingclub at hotmail dot com

    Want to see what other people are saying about my service?
    View here:

    "Perfect Inexpensive USA WORK"
    "That was the fastest and best coding job I'm impressed! Great job thank you again!"
    "Fast work, Quality coding, Recommend to others!!"
    "Nice work and very quickly done, thanks!"
    "lightning fast"
    "Pleasure to work with! Great work! Great Price! and extremely fast!"
    " Amazing Coder, I needed uregent work - got the job done! Clean cut code!"

    - Virtualize
    Designer / Coder (XHTML/CSS/Wordpress)

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    Are you available for work?

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    I apologize, I do not really look back in the thread. Best way to contact me is by Private Message, AIM, email, or MSN.

    But yes, I am still available. :]

    - Virtualize
    Designer / Coder (XHTML/CSS/Wordpress)

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