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    169 I'll miss you..

    It's with tears in me eyes I'll have to announce that I'm leaving Worldstream due to financial Issues & and lack of time (Getting a car, and launching a business)

    And I cannot leave them without writing my 6~+ month review.

    I will start of with one of the most important aspects, deployment. Not much to say, if you order before/ just after lunch, the server will be live within 1-5 hours. Speedy deployment that is.

    Now I've had a lot of Issues with my server(s), and here's the interesting part. Those were all my problems only. I won't go all into detail about what it was, but short, stuff like blocking my self out because I clearly shouldn't use firewalls I've never used before From killing the server with faulty Java installations (Yeah really, java is evil and I suck)

    Now, what I REALLY need to point out is that Dirk, Wouter, Rick, Dirk and Hans have done a superb and a absolutely brilliant job assisting me. They know what they are doing, these guys are not new, they know their stuff and they never refuse to help you out. I've had the PC rebooted 70> Times if not XXX due to stupid mistakes I've done. They never moan they never put you on hold. They fight by your side in order to have the server up and running 24/7.

    I've had problems with my 2nd server, which were a hardware problem, the CPU were constantly on 60%+ which were caused by some unknown problem (Fresh OS install) All I did was to provide them with a screenshot of the CPU usages, and bam "No problem sir we'll replace that nasty CPU for you) And no problems ever since.

    So to sum it all up,

    Awesome and friendly staff, uptime & great hardware performance along with good and steady 100mb/1gig connections, then I'll damn you if you look further!

    Worldstream, I'll miss you and whenever I need a new dedicated server, I'll come back with joy and more stupid tickets!

    It was a great run and I hope and wish the best, for everyone at Team Worldstream.

    Best regards, Me a really satisfied customer.

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    Great review, thank you.
    Always nice to read reviews that are not like 2 lines long

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    Honestly they deserve a A4 but I suck at writing lol.

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    Very good review.
    Thanks for your sharing your experience with them.

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    And now we have a WINNER!!!

    Thank goodness! From all the bad that I have been reading these past few days till now, finally some good. It's always nice to see a good review now and then.

    Good job WorldStream.
    Aaron Ong
    Dedicated Servers - 100TB Servers - 100Mbps Unmetered Servers - Web Hosting - CDN Network
    Servers in Central, East/West Coast USA, EUROPE and ASIA
    Welltodo Century

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    Nice review, thanks for sharing Let's hope more will follow. - Online in no time
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    Hey nice review. It's always good to know that there are reliable people out there
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    Thank you for the honest review! Whenever you need a server again, let us know. We look forward to it!
    WorldStream B.V. |
    Office: (+31)(0)174 - 712 117
    P.O. Box 223, 2670 AE Naaldwijk, The Netherlands
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    Quote Originally Posted by WorldStream View Post
    Thank you for the honest review! Whenever you need a server again, let us know. We look forward to it!
    I had been a very satisfied customer of WorldStream as well.
    That project ended, but I would definitely use WorldStream if I need a European server again.

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    Mr. Dirk is one of best person from them. I used them for almost 2 years. Top quality network and friendly support.
    I have some plans for them, hope i will get best deal
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