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    Tutorial Writers for Knowledgebase

    Hi All,

    Looking for someone to write tutorials / knowledgebase articles for a web hosting business.

    Must have excellent english writing skills and be able to translate the technical aspects of web hosting into easy to understand tutorials for the typical internet user.

    There may be between 50-100 tutorials required. Some may only be a couple of lines long, for example how to login to a control panel, others may be quite long, such as how to configure a mail client.

    Please PM or reply if interested with roughly how many tutorials you think you could do and cost per tutorial.

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    Free all day every day until 2nd May so shoot some my way and I'll do as many as possible for you!

    We are unable to PM you at the moment because you are new, please provide an email adress at which I can contact you to negotiate pricing.


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    Can't PM you

    May we get your email address please?

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    Email sent...

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    Hi All,

    Still looking for additional writers. To elaborate further on the original post above, articles / tutorials would include:

    - Configuring mail clients such as outlook, thunderbird etc
    - Configuring FTP clients such as filezilla etc
    - Configuring / Publishing via Dreamweaver
    - Registering Domains
    - Plus many many more

    Current writers are being paid $3 per article.

    Please PM or email [email protected]

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