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    HazeNET - Some of the worst support you'll never receive

    I've been a customer at HazeNET since November of last year. Up until the month prior to Thrust VPS taking over the company I had very few issues with them. My two VPS services ran adequately and I was able to do what I needed to do without any hassle.

    The month prior to take over was riddled with down time. I avoided payment because the down time was bad enough that the SLA terms granted me full credit for the month. The ticket I had opened to obtain that credit was deleted when the take over occurred.

    So when I had the chance I paid for the month anyways and a few days later I spoke with the "new" HazeNET. My services were re provisioned and we began on a journey of headache after headache.

    Let me just tell you right now: the HazeNET support team are about as effective as a group of mentally challenged chimps. I'm fairly certain my sister, who's technical knowledge spans about as far as the power button on her laptop, could do just as good of a job as HazeNET has done since these services have come back up.

    Right away I had issues with the new IP addresses. The main IP for both services was completely unresponsive even though the services were online. That was corrected a little over twelve hours later.

    During that ticket I requested an RDNS entry be established and gave them the applicable details. That was ignored. But maybe it got lost in the shuffle so I ignored that for now because another issue came up...

    My services had been provisioned with incorrect resources. The plan I have gives me 2GB of sustained RAM with up to 4GB for burst. The plan I was provisioned gave me a grand total of 256MB. HazeNET told me it was due to an issue with SolusVM not communicating properly with the server. It was fixed 8 hours later.

    So after almost a full 24 hours I thought I finally had two functioning services. Wrong.

    Sometime between April 6th (when the last ticket ended) and April 7th, my services were migrated to a new node. In that transition they reverted back to 256MB of RAM. One of my services was also unable to boot. They told me it was an issue with SolusVM again and they would work on it. That was on the 7th.

    On the 11th they finally fixed it. To address the issue of one of my services not booting they had to reinstall the OS. I then realized the problem with the resources had actually never been fixed. But luckily they fixed that (again, supposedly) within the hour.

    On the 13th I opened another ticket because as of the 12th one of my services was offline and unable to be brought back up manually. A traceroute showed it was an issue with the node. 7 hours later they fixed it.

    And then two days later we began the dance that is still ongoing. The IP addresses assigned to one of my services continually switches from being pointed to my service to another customer's. When that occurs my secondary stops working entirely. However it wasn't HazeNET that figured that out- it was me, their customer.

    At first, when I opened the ticket about this on the 15th, HazeNET jumped to their generic solution of reinstalling the operating system. They claimed it had some corrupt files (not sure where they pulled that card from, but it turned out to be false). If they reinstalled the operating system then it wasn't on my service, because the next day (the 19th) I realized my server was back up and working fine.

    That's what clued me in to real cause of the problem. But of course shortly after I saw it working properly the problem reemerged and my IP was pointing to somebody's Apache no-index page. I brought this to their attention and two hours later they told me it had been sorted out. In that same ticket I also had to bring up the fact that my other service was completely unresponsive (another IP issue, seemingly the same one too).

    They reinstalled the second service's OS (seems to be a trend now) and called it good. This happened 7 hours after me informing them of the real problem. After their all-good message I realized one of my services couldn't resolve any external addresses. They fixed that in about an hour.

    And now this morning (April 20th) hits. And guess what? After being told the IP issue had been sorted I woke up to find out that we were back to square one. Around 9am this morning I opened a new ticket explaining that my first service's IP was pointing to another customer's VPS and that my second service's resources were back to 256MB of RAM.

    They handled this ticket professionally. They deleted it. That occurred a little over an hour ago. I'll be sure to let you know where this progresses because I'll be damned if I'm go to lay back and let a group of incompetent technicians screw me over.

    What should be gathered from this thread: HazeNET couldn't pay you enough money to make using their service worth it. I wouldn't recommend them nor their parent company. If a subsidiary is allowed to operate with this degree of incompetence then the parent company cannot be much better.

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    Sorry to hear about this. Its not the sort of situation that should occur. Please could I have your ticket number and I will check this out for you
    Russ Foster - Industry Curmudgeon

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    336691 (4/4)
    954068 (4/5)
    853975 (4/7)
    970136 (4/13)
    307372 (4/15)
    394106 (4/20)

    Deleted ticket: 583320 (4/20)

    Take your pick. There's plenty to chose from over the past two weeks.

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    Unlucky. Hopefully they will get everything sorted for you ASAP now.
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    I'm sorry to hear about the troubles you're having with your provider, no provider should ever delete a ticket, its documentation of customer/client communication and should be kept as a record at the very least. Considering you were having on-going technical issues, they should be doing their best at keeping you as a client, IMO. I'm sure they will eventually get things sorted though
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    You're a very patient man. You shouldn't be though, your full time job is becoming what their's should be..

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    i see live chat online try contact them

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    I do believe it will be some time until HazeNet is truely back on it's feet, There was alot of damage done after checking over logs and such about the company before Thrust took it over, They have some work to do and I believe it will be a good while until we see a turn around.

    Good luck,
    and I hope the best for Rus and his team..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Bee View Post
    You're a very patient man. You shouldn't be though, your full time job is becoming what their's should be..
    I expect to do more on my part considering it's an unmanaged service (personally don't care for managed solutions) and a budget service. You get what you pay for. Diagnosing the issue isn't a biggie for me- it's what I enjoy doing and learning more about. But I shouldn't be the first one to draw these conclusions. The host has more access to their machines than I do and to not realize my service was still there and in one piece (when my main IP began pointing to another customer's service) feels like negligence.

    One problem I've had with almost every ticket these last two weeks has been with the support staff half-assing their work. I just can't get my head around why you wouldn't double check to make sure the time you've just spent fixing the problem will actually fix it permanently. Maybe it's because my job is more hardware-centric than anything, and if I don't double check my work our business could effectively shut down for the time it would take to double back and find where I screwed up. But this half-assing just isn't something I can understand. These support technicians are, I would assume, paid to do the job that they do. From my experience with them these past two weeks I feel like they're ripping their employer off. Because they're getting paid to effectively apply two minute patches instead of fixing the issue.

    That and they never seem to read support tickets all the way through. I opened a ticket this afternoon asking why my previous ticket had been deleted (still very irritated about that). That was met with a response saying "sorry for the troubles" and then asking for an update on the exact issue. I outlined the two issues I've been having with them; one being the IP issue and the other being my services reverting back to what appears to be some default template that grants them 256MB of RAM. I asked for four new IP addresses; just get rid of the old ones entirely and give me a full set of new addresses for each service (two each). I don't feel this is an absurd request. In the end they did replace one address... the secondary address on one of my services. That's not going to solve the problem I've been having. I imagine the real problem lies with the provisioning script pulling my address for new customers. Therein I would imagine it's an issue with my addresses not showing as being allocated. This is all speculation mind you, as I have little knowledge of the host side of VPS set ups, but it seems logical.

    Oh and one of my services is still sitting on the 256MB of RAM package. Not what I'm paying for, mind you. But as a result of them not reading my tickets all the way through I have to wait even longer.

    We'll see how this plays out by the end of the month. I'd like to stick with HazeNET, but only if they can get these two problems sorted out so I can go on my merry way and not have to deal with their tech support again for a very long time.

    I went back through my tickets prior to the take over to see how frequently I make them. And when you discard the tickets that were created due to the host node being offline, I opened no tickets in 2011. And my 2010 tickets were minor- rDNS entry requests and switching packages. I'm not a difficult person and I can take care of myself. But obviously I need a working platform in order to be like that. Here's to hoping for that working platform again.
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    Been working on the same ticket now for about 36 hours. I've been told twice now that they've fixed the problem. They were wrong both times. In fact, I was told just a couple hours ago the IP issue was fixed. I just went to check my site to validate and I'm looking at another customer's Apache no index page.

    So much for competence. Time to start scanning the market for a new host.

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