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    any reviews?

    Looking to could not find many recent reviews, Canadian data center .
    anyone use them?

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    Not too familiar with them, but a traceroute to their site does indicate they're somewhere in BC. Latency from here seems a bit high (~7ms from our network) for them to be in Vancouver, so their facility might actually be in Kelowna where their office address is. Are you sure they own and operate their own data centre, or if they're co-located at someone else's? Usually people who operate their own facility will post more details about it on their website. Might be worthwhile asking their sales where they are, and possibly researching that facility.

    Checking their BGP advertisements, they appear to be single-homed on Telus, which doesn't give them the most redundancy. You'd have good routes in Canada, but a bit weak for anything International. Out of the bandwidth options available in Vancouver, you'll want someone with PEER1, Limelight, Savvis, or MCI/Verizon in their bandwidth mix if you want good international routes, unless they have their own fiber to Seattle.

    Some quick searching here on WHT shows they used to post on these forums under simhost2008, and posted here in 2008 - 2009 but their account is now disabled for whatever reason. All their advertisements were for shared or reseller hosting, so that might be more of their focus.
    ASTUTE HOSTING: Advanced, customized, and scalable solutions with AS54527 Premium Canadian Optimized Network (Level3, PEER1, Shaw, Tinet) Enterprise Dedicated Hardware with IPMI at VPS-like Prices using AS63213 Affordable Bandwidth (Cogent, HE, Tinet)
    Dedicated Hosting, Colo, Bandwidth, and Fiber out of Vancouver, Seattle, LA, Toronto, NYC, and Miami

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    I have never heard of them much but I suppose you can do some easy search for them. Do the search for their domain name here and ober there and I suppose you will be able to find reviews.

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    Do you need only Canadian location?

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    I don't know them at all.
    Have you tried to find reviews of them on the review sites?

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