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    Help Desk - Ticket 12 days no response and counting

    I am just curious why my ticket has not been responded to after 12 days? I don't expect a response within an hour but 12 days?

    Ticket# UYP-312190

    I emailed vBulletin to get the licenses verified and it was responded to within 2 hours. I figured WHT would have it verified within a couple days at most, but 12 days is a little extreme if you ask me.

    What is the hold up here?
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    From my sparse knowledge tickets sometimes get taken care of without being closed by the same moderator who fixed the ticket. It's completely possible it's been taken care of but hasn't been officially closed yet.

    However these questions are better answered at the Helpdesk.
    WHT is now used as the Universal Hosting Helpdesk.
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    Personally I submitted a ticket to the Help Desk the other day and got a reply within a few hours, likely response times vary with the department you pick. Have you tried replying to the ticket again asking if there is an update to it?
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