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    Easy way to install grsec ?

    I am using Centos 5.5 and RHEL 5.6 on my Cpanel servers. So far I always used "yum install kernel" or installed a kernel using "rpm -ivh kernel.rpm" when I needed a new kernel. This time I would like to install grsec on the new kernel. It seems the above commands won't do that. Rather I seem to have to download the kernel source, then patch the kernel with grsec and then compile it myself.

    I found this tutorial:

    However, on the following page that is linking to they say one should not compile a kernel as root since that may break stuff on the system to a degree where a reinstall may become necessary:

    On the other hand setting up a user and buidling an environment for this user to compile the kernel seems like more work than I am willing to invest (eventhough I have not yet checked how much work it actually is)

    Is it safe to compile the kernel as root as per the instructions in the first link ?
    Is there another easy solution to get this done ? I do not really want a custom kernel... just the standard kernel patched with grsec.

    Thanks in advance for any useful information.

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    The easy way would be to use ASL. It bundles grsec with modsecurity and several other security packages.
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    If you're looking for an automated way to do this, there are several unofficial yum repositories that contain kernels with grsecurity. Have never used so can't comment on the reliability of said repos.
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