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    * Game Site Advertisement / Sponsorship Opportunity


    As well as providing payed hosting to the general public through Simple Host UK, I also provide hosting and TS3 servers for an on-line gaming community called EVE-Online. Players pay for our services using in-game currency rather than real money.

    We are offering sponsored links on the homepage for just $5 a month. We will add any type of site except adult and anything illegal.

    We are also offering a banner spot at the end of the homepage content for $15 a month. The size would be 600 x 75 in any format except flash.

    A banner spot is also available on the Teampeak 3 web control panel login page for $15 a month. The size would be 600 x 75 in any format.

    This is a very niche market so people who view our site are there for a reason and not just browsing. This means they tend to spend more time than usual looking. EVE-Online currently has over 300,000+ subscribers with anywhere from 30,000 to 60,000 users online at one time. We advertise our site in a couple of different ways including forum advertising on the main EVE-Online forums a full page magazine advert in the official EVE-Online magazine and a banner on the main game login page. We have only been going for 2 months and in that time we are already getting over 400 unique visits per month (just under 300 in the first month) and that is growing and will keep growing as the EVE-Online subscriber base grows.

    To advertise please PM me or email me on eve.pilot[a] To view the site please visit
    Thanks for reading.

    Simple Host UK
    EVESpace Hosting
    █ UK Litespeed Hosting

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    Hi Alan,

    I have dropped you an email as requested above for a link to my game server website. Please mail me back asap as I leave on holiday this Friday

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