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    Remote level 1-2 remote linux Intern/paid job position


    I'm looking for a level 1-2 remote support Linux admin position.

    I have experience with:
    • IP/Transit/Bandwidth
    • Server and desktop hardware
    • OpenVZ w/SolusVM and Hypervm
    • WHMCS
    • Virtuozzo
    • CentOS 5 Linux
    • Named
    • MySQL
    • Apache
    • PHP (Not programing but installing it)
    • cPanel
    • OpenVZ

    Tasks include provisioning a new customer VPS account and configuring cPanel with any addons such as Fantastico, RVSite Builder as well as answering support tickets and live chat request. I am also able to use problem solving skills such as running trace routes to find a broken network path or a dead/malfunctioning router.

    Looking for an Intern or paid job preferably from a semi stable company.

    I am 18 years of age and located in California, USA

    I am still in High School but available from 4PM - 8 PM PST M-F and flexible for Saturday and Sunday and this summer.

    Please email me at compaq963 at gmail dot com or send me a PM through WHT.

    Thanks I look froward to your replies.

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    Hello there, Intelliserve(.)org has recently re-formed and needs voluntary technical support agents and I'm also interested in making someone a partner.

    These roles are on a voluntary basis at the moment, however paid positions will be made available to all once we begin our profit calculations.

    Partners will have the ability to make 40% commission on all sales, but will need to prove value as a member of the team.

    If you're interested in either of these opportunities, send me an email at: mail(@)intelliServe(.)org

    Jay - intelliServe(.)org

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    Job filled.


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