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    Looking for VPS. need help


    My Requirement
    - Linux ubuntu server or any linux
    - tomcat web server
    - MySql database with expanding disk space as I am storing pics on the DB
    - Need a mail server to send email with my company domain
    - need a load balancer to manage traffic between servers
    - SSL secure support
    - Root access to the server

    There are so many providers. Can you please help with your experiences and advise about which providers I should look into.


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    Hi chrisbrown- Are you looking for a managed host to set all of this up for you? Or are you just looking for equipment that can handle these requirements? What is your budget?

    Make sure to check out the VPS Offers section. Also, if you like certain hosts, don't be afraid to privately ask them for custom packages that give you what you need. There are many good hosts on this site that offer both Windows and Linux.
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    Hello Chrisbrown. Please tell us a bit more information like your budget, location, managed or unmanaged, OS choice, etc. You can also find really great deals in the VPS offer section.
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    need a load balancer to manage traffic between servers
    I'm not expert but maybe cloud hosting solution could be good for that purpose for you?

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    All of your requirements are offered by any standard VPS. But you need to choose one based on hdd size and bandwidth needed. Also consider the location of your visitors choosing a VPS.
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