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    Tools for monitoring windows based servers / sites

    Hi folks

    what tools are you use all using to monitor windows sites /servers

    I've just noticed that newrelic have a based monitoring tool available

    anyone tried that or recommend any others?

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    You want to monitor bandwidth or performance?

    Parallel Plesk?
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    performance monitoring mate

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    never heard of them - Ill check them out

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    Nagios is great for this type of monitoring. If you'd prefer something a little easier to set up, then take a look at Zenoss.
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    We're using Zabbix for monitoring all our servers, including Windows.

    Besides the standard checks it's easily customizable on Windows with VBS scripts. I wrote a hMailserver mail queue checking script in a few lines.

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    mrtg is good to monitor windows server loading.

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    Yeah take a look at Nagios, it's free. Anything SNMP based should suit your needs.

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    Microsoft itself also offers some tools, you can search from bing.

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    nagios and ur done
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