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    Have you read either of these books about running a hosting business?

    A couple books I've seen on Amazon:

    I know nothing about them other than the comments on Amazon. Opinions?

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    "Getting & Managing Your First 1,000 Clients In Web Hosting" it is good to read.

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    I do not prefer to amazon book for hosting tips besides it give more importance to blog and websites which discuss about hosting business.

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    I have read the book by Abrahim Ikasud and after reading it I felt it was the biggest waste of my time as it did not give me anything I did not know most of its content you will have read/seen many many times just by spending a day here on WHT or any other forum. I found their was nothing really insightful or unique concepts that were shared within the book.
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    I have read both and think the web hosting manager book is a waste of time. The book by Abrahim Ikasud is not too bad, I think HostGator gives it away (ebook) if you purchase their reseller account. - Premium Web Hosting Solutions
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