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    Looking for Dedicated Server Company

    Looking for dedicated server company that allows Shoutcast streaming (WHMSonic) close to West Coast? Colorado, California, Texas? with stable bandwidth. Also do any of them offer a cut rate or free for the first month? I have seen a few in the Dedicated Servers Offers Thread but not sure which is the best.


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    What monthly budget
    What amount of listeners/bandwidth/kbps you broadcast at
    Texas isn't exactly 'west coast'

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    Texas is "close" to the west coast. Thats why I was looking for "close" to the west coast. Not over $100/monthly, 50-100 listensers at 128k to start and that will increase over time. May add a second stream or two also.

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    You need to button down how much transfer it is you are looking for.
    I assume 2TB would be more than enough though, so any normal server would be ifne.

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    2TB would be more than enough, just trying to find a good company that has stable bandwidth to stream. Some I have tried did not work very well. So I thought i would check here. Like i said I see a bunch offers on here not sure who to go with.....Thanks

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    I believe QuadraNET's bandwidth is very fast when dealing with individual streams.
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    Thanks, I have emailed them..........

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    your budget is more than enough , normally shoutcast should not be using a high cpu, so even entry level should do it

    128kbps stream 100 listeners peak close to 12.5mbps

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