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    * ethProxy negative experience despite amazing promises in advert

    Just to warn anyone considering purchasing this service - we did, as we thought there was a risk that we might have come under attack.

    Setup, promised 'in minutes' (and always within 2 hours), took more than 4 hours despite us submitting a ticket asking for the promised 30min speedy Setup. We were advised that they were busy, and would just have to wait.

    Once our site was moved over to their IP, we discovered that a huge percentage of our users were getting half pageloads. On submitting a ticket, we were advised that there was a huge attack underway. I asked why we had not seen even a tiny increase in requests, or any malicious requests, and asked for them to tweak the system to allow slightly more attack traffic through to reduce the number of false positives. This was apparently done, but we continued to see absolutely 0 malicious requests or any increase in traffic.

    After 24 hours, with users screaming about half page loads and timeouts, as a trial we configured round robin DNS to both our IP and the IP that was being "protected" by ethProxy. Users noticed improvements, and we still saw no attack.

    After 48 hours, we moved entirely back to our IP and after a week have still noticed no attack. From this we conclude that there was in fact no attack, and that the ethProxy service was just breaking a random and significant percentage of our users requests.

    On asking for a cancellation and refund, we have been advised to get lost as apparently a huge attack was filtered. They also once again promise that a "misconfiguration" with our web service is the only possible explanation for the problems we had. Clearly, we have no misconfiguration as users connecting directly to our webserver had no problem!!

    All in all, my advice would be to look elsewhere for a provider, which is a shame as these guys looked like they were the perfect solution for us.


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    We apologize you feel this way. There were multiple issues with your configuration and the round-robin which cannot be in place per our instruction.

    We have followed up in your ticket.

    However, as we have mentioned in previous discussions with you.

    1) You signed up but denied us DNS management as required for the SLA with this package.

    2) You did not configure the changes per our request on the web server side.

    3) We were not made aware of outside providers called from your site.

    4) Specific instructions to point DNS to us only didn't occur.

    DDoS Protection cannot work unless both sides are configured in the same manner. We provide instructions in the welcome email that must be followed exactly. Configuring us in a round-robin configuration will cause issues because states aren't being kept, cannot be tracked, KeepAlive settings are rendered useless, and any profiling to be done on the site gets 50% of data (if lucky to get an even amount) as every other request would come to us.

    You can speak badly about us but it doesn't matter the provider you deal with. If you do not follow instructions and configure it based on the providers specification then your outcome will not be ideal.
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