I can install anyone a Wordpress blog for only $10 per installation. I have installed over 30 Wordpress blogs to date.

What's Included:
* Installation and set up of a Wordpress Blog (most recent WP software)
* Installation and set up of three themes.
* Installation and set up of two plugins.
* One hour installation
Additional Info:
* Each additional theme or plugin will cost an additional $0.50 to install.
* Themes and plugins must be free or already paid for.
* Bulk orders of four (5) or more are elgible for a discount.
* I have voluminous experieince with setting Wordpress up on cPanel, 1&1, phpMyAdmin, and other alternatives.
* Payment will be made via Paypal.

Great job ~ bernac
Contact Me
Email - travishafer1992(at)gmail(dot)com
AIM - linuxgeek1992
MSN - travishafer1992(at)gmail(dot)com

I can also provide server management, if your interested contact me!