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    * BudgetVM - We're Back with High Availability VPS Hosting starting at $9.95/mo!

    Don't settle for less. At BudgetVM our nodes have more power than the competition ​BudgetVM - High Availability Hosting

    Locations Available:
    - Los Angeles, CA
    - Chicago, IL

    Why BudgetVM
    - We Own all of our own hardware
    - No Overselling
    - Server Grade Hardware
    - 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee
    - Redundant SAN Storage
    - Dual Quad Core Nodes
    - Some of the best transit to Southeast Asia & China from LAX

    512 MB Ram
    1 GB Swap
    20 GB Storage
    500 GB Transfer
    1 IP Addresses

    Monthly: $9.95
    More Information | Order Now

    1 GB Ram
    2 GB Swap
    40 GB Storage
    1000 GB Transfer
    1 IP Addresses

    Monthly: $19.95
    More Information | Order Now

    2 GB Ram
    4 GB Swap
    80 GB Storage
    2000 GB Transfer
    1 IP Addresses

    Monthly: $39.95
    More Information | Order Now

    - Cpanel $20/mo
    - Direct Admin $10/mo
    - Webmin $Free
    - Centos, Debian, FC $Free
    - Additional IP Addresses $2.00/ea

    Network/Datacenter Details:

    Just click and Select your DC.

    Enzu Inc.
    375 N. Stephanie St.
    Suite 1411
    Henderson, NV 89014

    Toll Free: + 1 877.378.3769
    Email: [email protected]

    Sales Manager
    Nick Rose
    AIM: bdwarr6
    MSN: [email protected]
    Mail: [email protected]
    Nick Rose | BudgetVM
    BudgetVM Xen VPS with Solus
    Asia and Europe Hosting Specialists
    LA to Asia <150MS | Amsterdam within Europe <60MS

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    Best Support

    I just purchased a VPS from BudgetVM and wanted to leave my review.

    Overall: 10/10

    While BudgetVM isn't the cheapest on here, they also are very reasonable, and their support is unmatched. I'm new to VPS and just needed a simple program installed to run on my VPS and notified their support team. Within 10 minutes by VPS was up and running with the tools I requested pre-installed for me as well as FTP.

    Without a doubt the best support I've experienced in this industry.

    Would recommend to ANYONE!

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    What exactly is your "High Availability" just a random 2 words that sound good? I doubled checked your site and there is not a single word explaining it. So basically you just use SAN?
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