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    Hosted vs. Downloaded?

    I was wondering if people here preferred being able to download and install software they have purchased, or taking a hosted solution through the company (assuming such an option is available, example is Kayako) where it is all managed for you?

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    I'd say downloaded is better, you usually would have much more control with it rather than it being hosted on the vendor's servers. However, if you don't want to be bothered with customizing/updating, etc., then hosted may be suitable for you.
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    I always prefer to run software from my own servers, that way I'm in full control.
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    I prefer downloaded - I like control with the codes.
    Ask for Server IP & Nameservers IP to check if your reseller provider truly provides 100% white-label.

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    it depend on you . Mostly people would like to get together with hosting because they paid for hosting provider and ofcourse they wish to get more from them. Unless those expert do have a technical team to help them or do have knowledge to support them and they help you to update time to time.

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