You could host your websites with some cocky teenager with a reseller account somewhere, getting some oversold commodified resources backed up by mediocre support and pleasant-sounding lies.

Or you could host your websites with experienced and bitter middle-aged professionals with a track record of performance (in business since 2002) who dare - yes, dare - to offer more than mediocrity and empty promises.

We don't oversell, and we back up that promise - we put no more than twenty customers per server, generally much less, and provide public MRTG graphs for most of our webservers, to show just how unloaded our machines are. We are experts at providing world-class e-mail - it's the core of what we do, and you simply will not find better e-mail service among the shared hosts here. We're also big believers in doing things the right way, without cutting corners out of laziness or incompetence, which is why all of our hosting comes with redundant geographically-disperse DNS service.

Why pick us? Quite simply, because we excel at everything except marketing. And web design.

On to the offers:

Back by (our!) popular demand is One of the Best Deals on WHT(TM) - our exciting and grossly under-appreciated foray into west-coast hosting:

  • 512MB website space
  • 512MB e-mail space
  • 25GB website transfer per month
  • 3 domains
  • 7 MySQL databases
  • 24 IMAPS/POP3S mailboxes
  • Installatron

...split between a webserver in San Jose, California and a mailserver in Chicago, Illinois, and with redudant nameservers in California, Florida, and the United Kingdom, Apache/MySQL/PHP, full SSL support for e-mail and the control panels, and world-class antispam filtering with ASSP.

The webserver has one customer on it - you could be number two. You don't get much less oversold than that. How undersold are we talking, here? Have a look at the server's MRTG graphs here and decide for yourself.

The cost? $4/month or $40/year. Click here to sign up now with PayPal or 2CheckOut.


West coast not work for you? How about something in the heart of Europe? We have a shiny new server in Dusseldorf, Germany, on which we're offering a very similar deal:

  • 512MB diskspace
  • 25GB transfer per month
  • 2 domains
  • 2 MySQL databases
  • 24 IMAPS/POP3S mailboxes

...on a fast Debian-based Virtualmin server with Apache and MySQL, Suhosin-hardened PHP with the APC opcode cache, SSL-encrypted control panel, plus SSL-secured e-mail with ASSP antispam protection and fully redundant DNS (Germany and Florida).

Because we've just set this machine up, there are zero customers on it. You could be the first! You can ping/traceroute to check the network, see this test site to check out the performance of a sample Wordpress installation and perform a speed test, or click here to sign up - $3/month, $30/year, via PayPal.

Seven-day Sixty-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

As always, we put no more than twenty customers per server, so when we say "good while supplies last", we mean it.