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    choosing suitable server for my site


    my site has 15500 users average per some days I have 18000 users per day.maximom online users
    was 800 as yet.there is nothing on my site unless articles and news and some banners that maybe at future
    I get more baner advertisements on my site. 70% of my users are on my vb forum.there are no files for downloading
    no video no music.sorry for my poor english.

    do you believe the first server of this list is suitable for me or second

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    At 15000 users per day and about 700-800 online users, you should choose the second one. The more RAM and processor speed, the best for you and your users.

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    Webairalen is right.. You must observe your current server first then decide after knowing everything that you really need. The one you must choose must be better than the one you are currently using.

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    Definitely agree about looking at your current server and going off that. That said, keep in mind when observing your current resource usage that your new server might handle a little differently.

    What I mean by that is that if your current server is using DDR2 and your new server is using DDR3 you might get a performance increase without increasing the amount of memory.
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    Thanks all

    my server at present is:

    2.6, 2048MB RAM, 1x 160gig SATA
    CentOS Plesk30
    AMD PH-9950 Quad-Core 2.6 +PowerPack

    I ordered it two years before.I decieded to change my server for having 10TB bw (at now I have 1500 gig bw).

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