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    * [UK+USA] Quality Servers Launch - 40% OFF FOR LIFE!! 1H Hive, Ksplice, Varnish!

    Our platform starts with 1H Hive. This software allows segregation of resources isolating individual websites and applications. No longer can one website or application take down the whole system. Next, we add Ksplice. Ksplice allows us to perform vital security updates whilst keeping the server running. This means we don't have to delay important security updates, nor do we have to take the system down. Next, we add cPanel, the industry's leading control panel software. This allows you to transfer in easily from most other web hosts and makes managing your website and e-mail a doddle. Finally, we added Varnish. This means we process pages several times faster than our competitors.


    • Personal
      • 5GB Disk space
      • 100GB Bandwidth
      • Unlimited Domains/Email/MySQL
      • 5.00 3.00 per month with coupon QS40LP
      • Order: UK-based or US-based

    • Standard
      • 10GB Disk space
      • 200GB Bandwidth
      • Unlimited Domains/Email/MySQL
      • 9.00 5.40 per month with coupon QS40LP
      • Order: UK-based or US-based

    • Business
      • 15GB Disk space
      • 300GB Bandwidth
      • Unlimited Domains/Email/MySQL
      • 12.50 7.50 per month with coupon QS40LP
      • Order: UK-based or US-based

    • Is Proxy/Pornography allowed?
      • Yes, these are allowed
    • Is Do you use RAID or make backups?
      • Yes, we use both RAID and off-site backups to protect your data
    • Do you offer IPv6 addresses?
      • No, unfortunately not
    • What does the management include?
      • There are no hard limits. In a nutshell we will do whatever we can within reason to fix any issues you may be having. This includes best endeavours with third-party scripts.
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