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    A Short Term Experience With

    I asked for a cancellation & refund of my account with yesterday and confirmed cancellation of my present annual package (ordered 48 hours back) (by ticket number 572150) in They delayed the order cancellation by more than 12 hours and replied today that the time limit is over for 3 days moneyback cancellation policy !!!
    I actually wanted to cancel it; just that I could order a new upgraded offer package along with WHMCS and extra backup facilities if possible !!!
    I already own a VPS with the well run trustworthy company 123systems (andrew) and is keeping an unlimited shared hosting service for more than a couple of years; but this was a first for me.

    Anyway; the service is running at least okay till with an uptime of 98.79% on a CLOUD SERVER !!!

    Pingdom Report :
    IP :
    Uptime: 98.79%
    Downtime: 50m in 3 days
    The average downtime length is 16m 40s
    Number of downtimes: 3
    The longest downtime was 35m on 19/04/2011 7:43:59AM and the shortest was 5m on 19/04/2011 10:44:04AM
    Downtime : 17/04/2011 3:18:59PM 17/04/2011 3:28:59PM 10m

    Well. Let's see how the long term report goes.
    As it was an annual package
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    They are currently moving that server into a new one.
    You can see it there.
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    Well it does state in their 'Terms', you have 72hrs from your order date to make a refund request, if not then you are at a loss -- Personally a 3-Day Money Back Guarantee is pretty rich if you were to ask me personally, sort of borderline rip-off.

    It really does not give you enough time to evaluate the services on offer, though disregarding the policies here, the 50 minutes of downtime over 3 days is really not something I would stick around for -- Perhaps Faris/Preston could make a good-will gesture and refund the payment?

    But as opposed that will be entirely up to them.
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    Closed by request.
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