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    Custom url shortner (adfly clone)

    Im selling my domain name with our custom built code.

    The website name is

    The code that runs on it is ours, we had it built and it is completely custom. Our website has all the features that adfly has such as,

    setting payout rates for both unique and non unique visits.

    Bot protection,
    manage users,
    manage advertising campaigns,
    manage announcements
    mass payout api with paypal

    user registration with email confirmation

    ability for users to choose

    a full page add,
    a banner add,
    or no add in there shortened urls

    realtime reporting both admin and user side
    referral tracking
    top countries
    top referrals
    seperate accounting system for both url shrinkers, or advertisers.
    User chooses what account type he or she wants at signup

    Im sure Im missing some things so any questions please ask.

    Im looking at a $2,000.00 BIN if you want exclusive rights to the code. And a $800.00 BIN for non exclusive rights. but I'm open to offers as well.

    You will also be taking over ownership of the domain which is registered to march of 2012 if Im not mistaken through

    Site has minimal traffic, I havent had time to market the site yet, thus the reason behind me selling it. Right now I have to many projects and Im just trying to get rid of some. Im in no rush to sell the site, so please dont send me $50.00 offers. Any reasonable offer will be considered.

    Payment through paypal only

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    This has been sold. Thanks to everyone who was intrested.

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    Sent you a email

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    is this script still available? your email is no longer valid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckd86 View Post
    is this script still available? your email is no longer valid.
    No sorry, the exclusive rights have been bought by me.

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    Are you sure you bought exclusive rights?

    You should check out...

    Unless that is you selling on DP, the script looks pretty much the same to me..

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    Mike Dell, please kindly check your e-mail: mikedell1975 @ yahoo com

    I would like to get our situation resolved and leave on good grounds.

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    It's been brought to my attention that Mike Dell does not own any rights to the reselling of the script.

    mottje, if you bought "full rights" from this guy, I highly recommend you do something to try and get your money back.

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    i am selling script

    hi friends
    i am selling script of clone (with new design).

    starting bid is 2$

    purchase now price 10$

    website demo:

    pm me for script.

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    Hi Hassam, still for sale?

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