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    I've started with a Mac and Now with a Dell :(

    I use to have a Mac Book 1,1 nice white and it was really in good condition. A While back I had sold it because the HDD went and battery. And now I just picked up a new laptop for $50 bucks from a friend this thing is runnning

    Windows XP
    256MB Ram went from 2GB RAM With mac to this
    40GB Hard Drive
    and a nice gfx card and wireless internet card with soundblaster sound card.

    dose anyone know of any good programs i should get to run my company and use the internet on my laptop?

    o yea its a dell latitude c640

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    Office 97, 2000, XP or OpenOffice
    Update to SP3 for Windows XP
    Run disk defrag every Friday, for example

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    and use some good antivirus software like lavasoft or kasperkey as it will help you to keep your computer safe and some software of video and dvd players

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    I would recommend using Google Chrome - not intensive and can really speed your load times - We price match any UK Based Hosting Business!
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    Quote Originally Posted by GamerFu View Post
    Office 97, 2000, XP or OpenOffice
    Update to SP3 for Windows XP
    Run disk defrag every Friday, for example
    Or, as far as the Disk Defrag; Purchase something around the lines of Diskeeper to keep your system defragged. It defrag's the drive when the system is idle.

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    If the Windows installation is genuine, I'd go the free route (probably best route as well) to install Microsoft Security Essentials for your AV and Anti-Mal/Spy/AdWare.

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    Use Norton 2003 Antivirus, not the suite. You can probably find a copy of Norton Antivirus 2003 cheap on ebaY.
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    install ubuntu netbook edition. Windows will only hinder your experience and it works extremely similar to the mac os. The more you install the less you'll be able to use for your self otherwise. - Gameing discussion, arcade, all around good fun

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    That laptop and it's specifications are pretty old... I would have to agree on going with something Linux based like Ubuntu Netbook over Windows XP.
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