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    Please give me your comments and advice
    I am trying to setup a photo selling site which will eventially also offer various other colectibles. I'm having a rough time learning to make it attractive. Please look at it and give me some advice as to how you would lay it out.

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    I think the overall layout is (more or less) okay, but the different font sizes (and the blue text near the top) bug me. Try keep the fonts as consistent as possible. Of course, please eliminate the template text ("Congratulations! You have succesffully installed..." etc.) and perhaps get rid of the "Welcome Guest! Login..." link as you already have a login link at the top of the page.

    Maybe there are some other ZenCart themes you could try - sorry I do not have much experience with ZenCart. To look more professional you might want to hire a designer.

    It's a nice start, good luck! - Keep it Simple.
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    Thank you for your comments. I was beginning to think my site was so grotesque that everyone was afraid to tell the truth

    The "home" page was really not worth looking at. I just put some text in there to get the ball rolling. Mainly I was wanting comments on the basic Zen Cart layout of the products on the "photos" page. I have since put the original Zen Cart blurb page back for a filler.

    I have had such a hard time learning to change things that I just have not made good progress. Yesterday I found the "Free Zen Cart Template 1" at It was a breeze to install and the "comments" section farther down the page offers some good tips for editing. That template along with the helpful comments has given me more education on changing the design than the last month of reading about the standard Zen Cart template. I recommend that anyone beginning to learn should install the free template and study the comments to get a good crash coarse in learning what the different files do.

    Anyway, thanks for taking the time to comment. I do not have a good imagination as to what changes would look better, so I hope other people comment also. Your not gonna hurt my feelings. I'm a beginner and I've come a long way from when I started. And I'm having fun learning

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    the home page is important, its the first thing people see when they visit your site, it needs to be good! other than all the default text and stuff i think it looks ok

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    You shouldn't have a big ad in middle of your home page.. my opinion...

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    I like it, although it looks a bit scattered and plain.
    The header could do with being enlarged to fit, and you could make each section look different.

    Maybe have the header image change randomly when the user goes navigates around the site? Also the site could do with a fancy background (left and right) instead of the whole page being white.

    Other than that - it's great!
    Hope you have fun designing it further.

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    I've made a lot of progress. I still have some changes I need to do. By the way, is this site a good place to ask for help in working with html and css? I need to get my additional images closer together and I want my shopping cart and "add to cart" button moved next to the main image.

    Anyway, I'm adding more products and that in itself is a real time consumer. I also am thinking of new catagories that can be added. I need to diversify.

    Many of my images are from our local area but they still have an appeal to people who just like old photos of particular subject matter. Eventially I will acquire more subject matter.

    I also am now trying to get used to Google Analytics. I seem to be getting a respectible amount of traffic but I am also getting a fair amount of bounce.

    Please take another look. You guys opinion is much appreciated.

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    your site is pretty good

    your site looks good. well designed and clearly structured.

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    Thank you Ella. Now, lets work on getting you posting on here more often. Everyone opinions mean something to us beginners. Do you have a website?

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