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    How a ddos effects a server?

    I would like to know a little about how a ddos attack effects servers and connections.

    An example: The attacker has 1000 victims in their botnet. Each victim has an upload speed of 2Mbps and the attack starts a UDP attack.

    About how many Gbps or Mbps will this attack in total have? I believe the upload speed from each victim's connection will be used to send the attack. Am I right? Would the math work just by multiplying: 2Mbps x 1000 victims = 2Gbps?

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    Granting the assumption that each bot is fully capable of attacking and sustaining that rate, then yes. Bots will be shutdown by admins and network operators the longer and more often they're used; plus bottlenecks do occur.

    In actuality, the attack would spike up to some arbitrary figure 1.x Gbps, for sake of argument, and then taper off.

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    DDos attack makes the server resources unavailable to the intended users. DDoS attacks typically target sites or services hosted on high-profile web servers.

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