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    43 reviews?

    anyone used them for windows VPS? reliable?

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    just saw the review thread,

    i'm still reading through it, but at present i'm a lil concerned.

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    All I have to say is that they're a budget provider, and you get what you pay for. Take a look through the reviews, make sure to check out the network outages section. You'll find the debate on Burst as varied as the Mac vs. Windows debate around here
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    You'll find a mixed bag of reviews, but Burst is very active here. They've been in the game for a long time, so they're not going to up and leave anytime soon like some unknown providers offering similar or cheaper pricing.

    If you read a review, be sure to read enough of the thread to see Burt's response. Some threads that sound like horror stories from the get-go eventually reveal the truth some 2 pages later, and it's not really that bad.
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    I have a windows vps with burst and have had no problems at all. When i got it i knew it was a test aka beta server since they just launched windows VPS. So far i have had a good experience with them just like i always have in the past. I would recommend them as long as you need a cheap and reliable service. Just remember, They are a budget host so you may or may not get instant support.

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    * burst is worst

    even dont try there server...

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    I personally have had good experience with BurstNET overall. I cannot comment for anybody else on this forum and on any specific cases of negative reviews, although I haven't had any issues personally where I can't get support from them.

    I am on an unmanaged server, so to be fair I shouldn't receive any technical support. Although they still helped me more than they should have, and in all honesty they helped more than some managed servers and packages which I have had previously.

    Overall for me, positive service. Although I cannot comment for anybody else of course.

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