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    Offshore VPS Needed

    Hello people
    I need an offshore vps for email campaigns opt-in lists

    I want 1GB ram
    2000TB Bandwidth

    please if you have something in mind tell me!

    Thanks in advance

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    i don't think US/UK allow offshore ?(i think )

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    You have right they dont allow!

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    Hetzner or Leaseweb for Germany, OVH for France.

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    Check offers section for NL servers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by last_wizard4 View Post
    Hetzner or Leaseweb for Germany, OVH for France.
    I think OVH is not offshore...

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    Quote Originally Posted by WaQas View Post
    I think OVH is not offshore...
    Quite so, but I heard that they are not that strict to. for Luxembourg.

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    With 2000TB, a VPS is either going to be really slow or you're gonna be using Full Capacity on any connection given... I'd advice thinking of something else other than a VPS.
    Aaron Ong
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    Good question
    2000TB? He most probably meant GB, lol.

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    Ops my mistake
    You have right
    2000GB i mean!
    sorry for my error

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