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    Email Marketing


    We are looking to start credible email marketing services which means not spam but a proper marketing tool for our clients.

    We have a dedicated server on which we are allowing bulk email to be relayed by the clients. My question is
    a.) Will my IP (Server Main Ip) will be blacklisted sooner or later
    b.) can I continue bulk emailing by talking up separate IPs for the email relaying domains and configure exim likewise
    c.) Is there any other means to keep running email marketing services (bulk) ?

    All comments are welcomed.

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    Sooner or later, it may get blacklisted. And it is very hard to get it cleaned up. You may also get notices from your dedicated server provider. I would probably try to do something offshore. However if it is like a news letter mailing or something, i think you should be okay.

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    I am still looking for a comfortable solution. Awaiting reply.

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    I think you will need to do your best explaining your potential dedicated server provider about the email activity which you are going to have.
    Most companies prefer stay away from enormous email activity.
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    I would instead find a nice company to whitelabel and resell the services of.
    Let them use their already gained knowledge, expertise, and whitelisted IPs to send out the mail.

    Try contacting

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