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    Any comment of this cloud panel? Price? Performance?

    My Boss ask me to run cloud in the company.

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    I guess it would generally depend on what exactly you're looking at the Cloud for, however AppLogic is certainly a high quality product. It's one of the platforms of choice for a lot of enterprise quality cloud services. Depending on who you ask, it may be THE platform of choice
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    How much for the license fee?

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    Quote Originally Posted by evernet View Post
    How much for the license fee?
    Well if you can get them talk to you then you will have to get a quote direct from them based on what you want to do, or as it was put to me fully pre qualifying me first but I would not look for it being less than $10K.

    I love their software they are the choice I wanted to go with.
    However I found their sales to be less than helpful and unless you are willing to purchase 20 CPU cores up front they really are not interested in talking about it even for testing purposes.

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    For a 3 momth test deployment license, I was quoted 10's of thousands of USD.. so make sure you test it on a private cloud (if you can) hosted by an existing partner first. I can't see any realistic way of doing an eval at the moment. It looks like great technology, floored by an over zealous pricing model personally. Either that or they (CA) don't want a lot of customers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by evernet View Post
    How much for the license fee?
    The fee varies on two main factors:
    1) monthly vs. owned licenses
    2) quantity of licenses purchased

    CA has "test" grids available for people to use to try it out, but I hear there is currently a waiting list for these. As Steven pointed out, it might be better to ask several AppLogic MSPs what they would charge you month to month to "test drive" a small grid.

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    I have checked out some of the AppLogic MSP's and you are looking at about $1,500-$2,000 per license/per core, plus support which is about 20% for the first year and 10% after...

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