- Dedicated Minecraft Hosting is newly setup minecraft server provider. New but very experienced with Hosting.

We're unmanaged, however we do make exceptions if you need help with configuration

We charge $1 per slot, in 10 slot increments. (10, 20, 30 etc), we run on top notch hardware that provides the performance and speed your expect.

We put each one of our MineCraft servers in its own Xen Virtual Environment, meaning your MineCraft server gets dedicated recourses to it

MinecraftCP is a unique control panel for Minecraft, the first of its kind by utilising VPS technology from one central point. Its built to scale and currently can handle around 500 concurrent connections. Its constantly being developed, and by a group of developers making it secure as be. MinecraftCP has set the barrier for Minecraft Control.

Minecraft Control Panel Features

Start/Stop/Force Stop Minecraft
Edit Server Configuration Files
File Manager
Fix Server Problems
Reset World
Give Items
Server Information
Install from 100s of plugins with a click of button
Make Backups of your Server
Fix Server Problems
Restore from Backups
Change Settings
Access Support and Billing
Virtual Minecraft Terminal (Unique)
Kick/Ban Players
Ban IPs from your server
Plenty more..

Mod Installation
Bukkit is automatically installed when you order the server, you can install 100s of plugins directly from our control panel, from things such as Essentials to fun tools like Rainbow Chat. You can also configure these plugins to do as you will!

Multiple Locations
We are one of the only Minecraft Server Providers that offer clients a choice of locations to choose from when ordering their server. Current options at this time are United States (3 States), we can also move your server over to different locations at your request.

Payments are processed through PayPal, meaning we never touch your billing details! You can cancel your server at any time just by filing a ticket

To order, simply goto and fill in the boxes, your one step closer to getting your own minecraft server with love.

Thank you for reading, Welcome to VeraciousHost!