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    [NL] Temporary hosted Magento offer!

    Very cheap enterprise offer for webshop owners!

    Pr0jects Web Services has had an extra service offer for a while now: Magento Hosting.

    We offer this because of a growing client request and because we've fallen in love with all the endless possibilities that Magento has to offer. As a result we've built up quite the expertise for it.

    As someone who is familiar with Magento will tell you, it's a heavy duty package! That's why an ordinary hoster will probably point you in the direction of an expensive Virtual Private Server, which is more work than you have asked for. Of course this is not what you want, you don't want to maintain both a webshop and a server and you still want it all to be safe and fast.

    Pr0jects has years of experience when it comes to optimizing server-environments for the software Magento use. Through some well tuned tweaking we've found the solution to place several Magento shops on a shared (yet isolated for safety reasons) environment.

    But that's not all of course. Because you wouldn't want to have the same IP address as your competitor(s), would you? That's why every single webshop has it's own IP address given to him.

    Of course another main point is security, this will be guaranteed by Pr0jects server engineers. That way you can always rest assured to get the best of both worlds (safety/security).

    But there's more, even with all the tweaking/securing and what not, we're still willing to make a custom package in which ever way you desire. Want more space? No problem! More bandwith? No problem! Anything you can think of when it comes to customizing is up for discussion!

    And because we're absolutely sure that you'll love our package, we're giving it a '30-day-cash-return-guarantee' You don't like it within a months' time? No problem, just cancel the package and you'll get a full refund!

    So to sum it up
    what do you get?

    - Complete pre-installed Magento Community Edition ( within 12 hours after payment.
    - It'll be placed on a fast/stable server located in the secured datacenter Nikhef (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). It's more than capable of maintaining shops that have a lot of visitors.
    - Pr0jects Web Services will make sure the software is always updated. This also means that we'll lend out a helping hand when it comes to compatibility (issues) with plugins.
    - Support via ticket, e-mail and phone. Also in the weekends!
    - Professional advice and anwsers to questions by our helpdesk, even Magento related!
    - Layout/technical desires (programming) can be realised, untill a certain level, by Pr0jects!
    - Your own dedicated IP address. You can also request a SSL-certificate with it.
    - Daily back-up of files and databases which can be placed on request.
    - A free (.nl/.com/.net/.info/.nu/.org/.be) domain (multiple domains/shops possible on 1 set-up)


    - 20.000 MB Space
    - 250 GB Bandwith
    - FTP access to your webshop
    - cPanel account for mail and database administration (no website administration)
    - 99% Uptime guarantee! Amount of 1 month (same service(s)) will be credited when we can't make the guarantee.


    So, you want speed! How's this working out? (empty shop) (demo shop)

    Want to see speed of the admin area? No problem, drop us a line at [email protected].


    - Set-up: 35,00
    - Monthly subscription: 35,50
    - Yearly subscription: 485,00
    - Optional: SSL Certificate (Domain validated): 55,00 (yearly)

    How to order

    - Send a e-mail to [email protected], start the subject with WHTCOMAD141223. An employee will process your request a.s.a.p.
    - PM me, start the subject with WHTCOMAD141223.


    - Chamber of Commerce #: 50702424 (Netherlands)
    - Customers in European Union pay 19% VAT (price is exclusive)
    - Other continents are free of VAT (price is total)
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    Managed, secure and fast hosting!

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