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    EZPZ Hosting Review - Great Provider!

    Been with EZPZ Hosting for about 5 days and I am pleased with their service so I thought id make a review.

    Initial setup: 5/5
    Support: 5/5
    Server: 4/5 "tad slow for data intensive scripts when first loading"
    Friendlyness: 5/5

    So far so good and I would recommend them to anyone!

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    Glad your happy. Dan does know what he's doing.
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    Wow 3 threads in reseller forum regarding EZPZHosting from you. I'm glad that you are satisfied.

    Bare in mind WHT is not a support forum

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    For me, 5 days is too short.
    Maybe come back again after like 2 months, maybe you'll see any doubtfulness on their services.

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    Glad to hear that your first impressions are great. But it does make more sense when we get an update from you after a couple of months.

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