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    Backup Device

    Hi All,

    Can somebody advice on network backup device please. I want to backup data from servers on daily basis but not sure what hardware I need to buy. I had a look at some Dell or HP Network backup devices but they seem to be expensive. any other options?

    The storage size I am looking for is about 1 TB.

    Thanks in advance.

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    this software can help you as it is one of the best but if you want hard drive then try this

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    Quote Originally Posted by humawebdesign View Post
    this software can help you as it is one of the best but if you want hard drive then try this

    Any more advice please?


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    You can now get routers with USB ports on them, this is for a external hard drive, this will then be able to be mounted as a network drive on your server and you can then backup to it. Its much easier if your running Windows Server to do this, as they have it all built into the OS and ready to go.

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    Thank you, Jack. Not bad idea
    I am also looking for separate backup device for NAS model which I could connect to network and copy data from Unix or Windows servers into it. Any idea for hardware I can have a look. I am doing some search on but would be great if have some other links.

    Thanks again,

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