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    Exclamation Need to coverup my server cost

    Currently im running few websites (Video sharing site,Image blog,Wallpaper site and few more).And im making some money with them to coverup the server cost and to use for my own day to day needs.Im still completing my university degree so dont have a stable income.Suddenly disaster happened to my work, some one hacked my server and did something to my adsense account (they told me invalid clicks it shold be lots of clicks because im hitting more than 100k impressions a day) so now its disabled i dont think they will reactivate it.After the hack attack i recovered all my sites back online and now they are up and running.When this happens im hitting nearly 100,000 pageviews a day.So my server cost me lot nearly 200$ every month so now i need to coverup atleast the server cost.Please advice me.

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    Didn't you put ads on your websites ? If your website is not commercial then you should put ads there just to cover up the costs. Now its a bit too late to do that. Do you have any kind of special talents like website designing or programming ? If so, try freelancing. Else maybe you could get a part-time job somewhere. I can't think of anything else. Good luck.
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    Best you can do is contact google explaining what happened, apart from that I suppose you could ask for donations/impose premium to help pay for everything.
    Good luck finding the extra cash!

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    Yes premium membership for my video site is a good option.But will people buy it after setting up the billing system because i need to develop my script to provide paid services.and also is it ok to provide such a paid service as a one man show because im the only one who works and maintain the site.i think as a paid site i need to provide 24x7 customer support.

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    try to get adsense back send them emails with your setails of website hack with same email id and if they provide you access then thats good if not then try other publisher services

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    If they don't give back adsense then try to use YPN or microsoft ad center as an immediate step.

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    I use and they just automatically delete from revenue invalid clicks and what not when they process the check.

    They may not be the best in the world, but I chose them after google canned my account and I asked them for details and explanations and the whole nine yards.. and google just did not care to answer. one thing on adbrite, do not use full page ads, they may be tempting to gain extra money but it will lower the amount of people using your site.
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