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    I have yet to see many reviews on - so here it goes. is not an accredited business by the BBB, nor do they have a very good past with the BBB ratings, which I've find soon after placing the order for my "Premium" VPS. We've tried for numerous weeks to contact them via live chat or via phone, and we've gotten nothing. If the live chat agent recognizes the name or email address, they simply decline speaking with you, the phone number that is provided on their website exists, but is hooked into some sort of machine to simply play "This number is not in service." So far, this looks pretty bad for them.

    So, 24 hours has past. No VPS as of yet - you'd think there would at least be instant setup with OpenVZ... no. There wasn't. So, we tried to contact them under a different alias, and got ahold of their sales chat, this takes about an hour to complete. We eventually got them to start up our VPS and email us our login details.

    Now that we have the server, everything on their servers are running fine, the VPS running perfectly... for about a week. After that week, we start having a few performance issues, such as trouble loading pages on our httpd, ping response times are >100-200ms, etc. So, we ask the HostStore staff to upgrade our services. Apparently they won't even do that. We've sent numerous emails, tried numerous times to get into their live chat (which we're banned from now for just simply sitting in a chat waiting for an hour), and tried to call them.

    Overall, is horrible and we will never do business with them again. 1/5. Honestly.
    If I missed something, or if I'm supposed to do something with this post to prove that I'm hosting with them, just tell me and I can do whatever I need to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClearOranges Network View Post
    If I missed something, or if I'm supposed to do something with this post to prove that I'm hosting with them, just tell me and I can do whatever I need to.
    Use and tell us a domain you have/had with them.

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    that is shocking a provider would not offer up better service I am sorry to hear about you bad experience and wish you better luck with future host

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    Why would you even keep them is my question... I wouldn't of took the time to contact them after doing all that you did to contact them, and couldn't get no where... I would be disputing my money back from PayPal; There's not one company that I would stick with that if it was that hard, and they where dodging me and it took me over a week to get a service? Smh.. I would of been gone from there; I wouldn't even take a chance with them even having a blank index.html on their server nodes.

    Did they say they offer instant setup or quick setup? or anything about the setup? They won't be around long!

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    I couldn't find anything specific to instant or quick setup, that's why I gave them at least 72 hours. I found it absurd though, I've hosted my own OpenVZ servers before and had a simple VPS host going, and the setup was automated. There's something wrong with that picture, a small company such as mine can do something that a "bigger" business can't?

    We attempted to get our money back from PayPal, however they did have a single item in their ToS we overlooked. "There are no refunds on Dedicated servers, Virtual private servers, SSL Certificates, Private registration, Dedicated IP(s) , Administrative fees, install fees for custom software, or domain name purchases." PayPal saw this and turned down the dispute.

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