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    * Stable host or Hawkhost??

    What I am trying to do is find a new Web Host for my Small blog.

    It is constant moving more and more visitors So each week is new visitors of 9,000.

    Right now its about 15,000 per day and slowly increase!

    I am trying to see if I should get share hosting or virtual dedicated server.

    For share host I have found and

    Please advice with your kind experiences and let me know which is better. Ultimatelie I need reliable and good uptime, and fast speeds.


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    Both are very good host and you should be happy with no matter which you choose. I would find the host with the plan that better matches your needs!
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    I highly recommend Host Gator.

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    I have accounts with both companies and can recommend them both.

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    I have an account with and they are great for such a blog. Strongly recommended.

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    Between those two?
    I've had an account for several months, and my friend has had one for 1+ years.
    Uptime has been 100%, no problems of any kind.
    The sites are all small -- it is a shared setup, after all. Not running forums or anything.
    It does handle Magento for a small store, without issues, however.

    Not that Hawkhost is bad in any way -- just my preference.

    Both made my list of good hosts, and I don't add just anybody to it.
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    Both of them are good and i used with them some months ago and liked them both.

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    I'm running a couple of small blogs on HawHost without any issues. I like that they use Cloud Linux and LiteSpeed to enhance my site performance.

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    I vote for Stablehost as well (never used Hawk before). Stablehost is very cheap in cost and excellent support as well.

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    Both should meet your needs however at 15,000 uniques per day, unless you're employing a solid caching solution, you may be pushing the boundaries of shared hosting.

    Who are you with now and what makes you want to move away from them?
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    Right now its about 15,000 per day and slowly increase!
    You might want to start thinking ahead, go with a provider like who focuses more on application hosting and would be able to accommodate your high traffic needs. You are growing by 9,000 visitors a week, you should be prepared to invest into a dedicated server soon.

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    find a new Web Host for my Small blog.
    At 15k visitors a day, that's definitely not a small blog. Start monetizing it, and, in most cases, you should be able to easily pay for the great hosting solution it deserves.

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