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    how is my site looking?

    Hey all,
    Im just wondering how my new site is coming along?

    it is located here

    I have only really worked on the homepage for now to get the styling right and now I really need feedback

    Please feel free to be honest (cruel) :p

    All feedback wil be taken into consideration.

    The top banner part is a coda-slider so if you have any suggestions on what I could put in there then feel free to comment.

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    It's fine. I like the color. Your navigation is good.

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    Everything looks in order. The color scheme is solid. The footer is a bit large for so little content, but I guess that is the current trend. All and all it still looks like every other hosting site, but honestly there just is not much to do to really stand out. Fancy smanshy graphics will make your site look like a portfolio site for a teenage graphic designer.

    The rotating banner was empty, but I am just assuming you have not gotten that far. None the less good work.

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    It looks quite simple. I think you're still doing more. I like the background color in gray also.

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    Looks okay, one thing is that it looks very dark at the top, why not make the background gradient a little lighter, then the logo will appear a lot clearer.
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    complete design.
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    Hello ,

    Yes your site is very very nice .


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