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    Hi. I joined the hosting company 12 months ago which was free with a free domain. After a few months i got bored with it and did not bother with it. So I let it expire then I get a text to my mobile saying payment was due, but I thought i would not bother as I did not use the domain, then I get another text saying they have increased my bill by 10 because I have not paid yet. Why did they not text me before the payment was due to explain this then I could have cancelled the account.

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    The increasing of bills could be something that is automatically done by the system when your payment is overdue.

    In both cases, you wouldn't be obliged to make the payment unless you have explicitly signed a contract with them that mentions your term of stay with them (which shouldn't be the case). Have you tried contacting them to inform them that you do not wish to continue your hosting? - Stellar Shared and Reseller Hosting
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    just ignore it, don't have to pay.

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    Thanks for your quick reply. Yes I have contacted them, firstly to cancel by email and I received an automated reply which was a waste of time, then by live chat and I was told I had to pay because I have gone over the 12 months, so I have now paid, including the extra 10 but now cancelled the account which runs till April 2012

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    I had to pay because I could see it escalating higher and higher and I thought it may get out of control. A bit of a con I thought.

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    You shouldn't have paid if you weren't using the services, and especially if you had already cancelled and didn't agree to go from a free account to a paid account.

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    Always make sure you follow the proper cancellation procedures when leaving your host.. Don't just ignore the bill and expect them to magically know that you don't want the service anymore.
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    I've red in some forums that there was a glitch about when you can get a free domain without paying.

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    Reading all your post,I guess is not good. Anyways,I think,you have to contact the staff,and tell them about your concern!

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