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    upgrades & server restart

    Each time MySQL upgrades I need to manualy restart service cause I keep receiving emails every hour from lfd "Suspicious process running under user mysql".

    Same thing happens after Centos / kernel upgrade, but this time I receive many emails every hour, like:
    "Suspicious process running under user haldaemon",
    "Suspicious process running under user dovecot",
    "Suspicious process running under user mysql".
    When I restart server everything works fine, but is it necessary to restart server after every bigger upgrade? Two times in the last 10 days.

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    Its because of mysql update. Please restart mysql and then LFD.

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    Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately it doesn't work, at least not for me.

    Today after some packages were updated I did as you write, but I still keep receiving emails from lfd:
    "Suspicious process running under user dovecot
    Suspicious process running under user haldaemon
    Suspicious process running under user SOMEUSERACCOUNT"

    Now I need to restart server to stop receiving this emails
    Is there any other solution??

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    You can disable this in CSF:

    # If you want to track all linux accounts on a cPanel server, not just users
    # that are part of cPanel, then enable this option. This is recommended to
    # improve security from compromised accounts
    # Set to 0 to disable the feature, 1 to enable it

    I usually have this disabled on my servers.


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    Damir thank you for your advice.
    But is it safe to disable this option? What if something really goes wrong? Then you will not receive warning. Or this is not so important?

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    Solution was pretty obvious

    Just restart service for which we received email with "suspicious process running under user SERVICE NAME" & then restart lfd.
    Everything is fine now

    If someone knows better solution please share it with the community.

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