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    Unique Non-Established Web Hosting and Design Company for Sale – One of a Kind!!

    If you are a specialized team of open-source CMS gurus with good knowledge in open-source LMS (Learning Management Systems), here is your chance to offer a unique hosting service unlike any in the world! E-learning is becoming more popular by the day and there are now several free open-source Learning Management Systems (LMS) that can be used for deployment.

    Yes, there are several hosting companies that offer hosting services for various open- source LMS solutions, although, what they cannot offer is the ability to host educational websites on authentic .edu sub-domains with cpanel access.

    Would you be interested in being able to offer this ‘one of a kind’ service legitimately to the world? Do you think there is a market for schools and teachers in places like India and Europe who would be interested in the opportunity to host their schools and courses on-line with the ability to use an .edu extension?

    This sale will consist of three websites which includes a grandfathered 4 letter 1996 PR4 .edu domain. It is common knowledge that .edu domains cannot be leased or sold but can be legally included with sale of corporation that has registered the domain name.

    Another important factor is that you cannot lease or sell .edu sub-domains and why this service only offers the opportunity for its hosting clients to create their own .edu subdomains with cpanel for free as long as they continue to host on our servers.

    For more information, please check-out the two LMS website service and hosting site that are listed in the sig. footer of this message. Both sites are quite new and still working on them.

    The current project that I am working on involves sample and demo courses for each open-source LMS that is offered to clients. I have been offering my own on-line courses for the past 15 years and confident to what needs to be accomplished in developing a professional on-line LMS system. I will be more than glad to be open for consultation to the new owners.

    What is not my main niche, is running a hosting business and already finding that it takes a great deal of time and commitment to which I am not certain that I will be able to handle everything myself, especially since I have several other commitments as a teacher and travel extensively. This venture would be more suitable for a team of developers and hosting gurus.

    The corporation will be sold under the actual .edu domain name. Please do not ask the name of the .edu domain since this will be private under a NDA.

    Serious offers please and by PM only. If I do not answer your offer, then obviously the offer is a waste of my time. I would rather start hiring people to help support this venture than give it away.

    And if any of you have a passion for developing on-line courses for academia or a talented PHP guru who can support clients in how to install modules and fix module bugs, I would be most interested in hearing from you. If this corporation does not sell in 60 days, then the hiring will begin. I should have both sites 100% in 60 days.

    Feel free to ask any valid questions in this forum. There are no clients, besides myself, since this venture is still in the development phases, but whoever takes over this great opportunity, please consider me as your first customer! .EDU email and blog hosting

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    What's the best way to contact you to get an NDA so we can discuss this further?

    I do things. - Consumer and b2b IT solutions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akisoft View Post
    What's the best way to contact you to get an NDA so we can discuss this further?

    NDA is still in the works, sorry for jumping the gun. The idea to offer this venture just came to mind and was not a planned event.. I will get working on the NDA this week.

    Please contact me using the formpost at either website:

    I will also reply with images of sample WHM .edu extensions including the main .edu administration for changing DNS, etc. .EDU email and blog hosting

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