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Thread: MYSQL gone away

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    Arrow MYSQL gone away

    When I process the bounces in phplist newsletter script, then i got the error "Database error 2006 while doing query MySQL server has gone away" , please tell me which setting in my.cnf need to increase to fix the problem?

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    have you process it successfully before?

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    sometimes get processed successfully and sometimes got the error

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    there mentioned keep wait_timeout=60,

    but as a good practice keep wait_timeout keep low as low as possible, so connections dont get jammed.

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    The Fix for the issue is by increasing the value of max_allowed_packet=100M or more .


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    Perhaps your client and the server had dropped the connection becouse MySQLdirective "wait_timeout" expired

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    I've seen this issue when apache is over loaded and I kill mysql connections that apache is holding on to for too long. Then when apache wants to release them, I see those types of errors.

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    Which version of mysql are you using ?

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    version 5.2

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    It usually occurs when there is large gap between two mysql request...

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